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What we do

IWD Swindon: Inspire -Educate -Elevate

It’s simple! International Women’s Day Swindon brings together women and girls from all backgrounds.

We honour their contributions in Arts & Culture, Businesses, Communities & Charities, and Design & Technology.  IWD Swindon aims to inspire, educate and elevate. Together we can create change.

Watch our video from IWD Swindon 2015!

Making a difference: thinking globally – acting locally.

Arts & Culture

Each year we showcase diverse local artists with an exhibition that focuses on issues that impact the lives of women and girls. Last year’s exhibition, Dress:CODE – Women and Girls in Computing, presented questions around the gender gap of women and girls entering the Technology Industry.

We host Girls Unplugged, a creative space at the Central Library for women and girls to showcase their creative talents. We invite dancers, singers, musicians, poets and storytellers to join us on the day.


With a good network around you, you can feel inspired. With a great network around you, you can feel motivated and be transformed. Last year we asked a number of women in business to share their start-up stories. They ran workshops, participated in panel discussions and showcased their knowledge, their skills and their expertise. Our purpose is to create role models for women in business and encourage mentorships.

IWD Swindon values the power of connection. Whether you are crafting your business idea, having a career change, run your own business or are in a leadership role, we would like to see you on the day.


“The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor one organisation but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights.” Gloria Steinem

IWD Swindon brings together community groups and charities for the benefit of all and raises awareness around the issues that impact the lives of local women and girls.  Our purpose is to create connections, conversations and collaborations, to increase support, and to honor the work they do.