Keynote Speech,  Personal Accounts & Podium Discussion an Open Q&A

An inspirational evening that focuses on women being heard when stepping into the public domain. Even in today’s society, many women who want to be heard – as artists, leaders or entrepreneurs – face new challenges for which they are not always prepared. Slights and threats, from the subtle to the overt, come to us in guises that can be harder to pin down than “real” sexism. In AMPLIFY Your Voice we throw light on these phenomena and share strategies for overriding them by talking to a number of inspirational speakers with a wealth of experience in the public domain.
The keynote speech will be given by Marina Strinkovsky from the Swindon Feminist Network, this will be followed by personal accounts given by leading women from different sectors. The evening will close with a Podium Discussion and an open Q&A. Refreshments will be provided. Tickets cost £8 and are available through Eventbrite – to purchase please visit
Join us on Wednesday 8th March, 7:15pm at Central Library Swindon
Keynote Speaker: Marina Strinkovsky Plus Sokari Douglas Camp, Mandy Thomas, Fiona Scott, Alex Morgan, Dr Jun Zhang, Stephanie Nunley.
Amplify Your voice Poster

Amplify Your voice Poster